External Students

What do I need to do to enrol?

If you are enrolled at another university (either local, interstate or overseas) or non-university applicant you are required to submit the following documents in addition to completing your online application:

  • An official academic transcript

If there are prerequisites for your chosen subject you are also required to request permission to undertake study, which will happen as part of the online application process. There is also further information about permission documents.

If you are eligible for Commonwealth Assistance and wish to defer your fees to FEE-HELP, you must submit a Commonwealth Assistance form with The University of Sydney. You can fill in this form online when you apply. You also need written evidence from your Home institution that your Summer or Winter school subject will be credited towards your current degree.

All supporting documents must be submitted to the Summer School office within 10 days of submitting an online application. Please ensure you request supporting documents from your home institution and permission forms (where necessary) in time to meet this deadline.

Please use express post for important documents, or scan your documents to .

Postal Address:
PO Box 446

How do I obtain a Library card?

You need to go to the Card Centre in Margaret Tefler Building (K07) to obtain a special card for Summer and Winter School Cross Institutional and non-award students, which will enable you access to the Library.

To log into the library services online, use your name and the barcode number on your card issued by the Card centre.

How do I obtain a transcript for my Summer/Winter School subject(s)?

On successful completion of your subject, you will need to apply to the Student Centre
(Jane Foss Russell Building) for a transcript. This can be purchased for a fee of $11 for two copies.
Phone: +61 2 8627 8200