Fee transfers

International Office fee transfer

International postgraduate students currently enrolled in award degrees at the University of Sydney can request a transfer of fees from their account at the International Office to pay their Summer/Winter School tuition fees.

The student must have a credit balance in their account at the International Office.

Procedure for submitting a Summer/Winter School application with a fee transfer is:

  1. Complete an online Winter/Summer School Application for Enrolment;
  2. Indicate in the payment section that fees will be paid via International Office transfer

Requests for fee transfers may take up to five business days to process. During this time the applicant's enrolment status in Summer/Winter School will be pending/payment. This means that the applicant retains a place in their chosen unit of study for five business days only.

This enrolment status will be revised to enrolled once fees have been transferred.

Faculty fee transfer

This applies to applicants who have advice from their faculty that their Summer/Winter School fees will be funded by the faculty.

Applicants within this criteria must provide the following at lodgement of an application for enrolment:

  1. Authorisation that part or full tuition fees will be funded by the faculty;
  2. A completed online Summer/Winter School Application for Enrolment.