Permission from Head of Discipline

If you do not meet the prerequisites for your chosen subject, you must apply for a waiver online at the time of application through My Summer Study.

Permission from Faculty

If you wish to enrol in a subject which is not associated with your current award degree and you wish to have the subject credited, you must apply to your Faculty for permission to undertake the unit as part of your course. The easiest way to apply for permission is online through My Summer Study.

If you don't submit signed permission documents, or apply online for permission, by the deadline then your application will be either denied or you will be enrolled into a non-award course for the purposes of your Summer School enrolment. You will then need to apply directly to your Faculty for academic credit.

External students

If applying for Commonwealth assistance (eg FEE-HELP), external students (Cross Institutional) are required to provide evidence that their home University will credit Summer School study to their degree.

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to seek confirmation from their Faculty or home university that their Summer School subject will be credited to their degree and at what level of credit, before lodging an application for enrolment in Summer School.