Special permission/departmental permission

To submit a Special Permission request: log in to Sydney Student > Click on 'Units of Study'> 'My Studies' >'Other Options' and follow the steps for applying for special permission.

You will be notified of the result or of any further required action.

You can apply online for Special Permission to request entry to a unit of study you cannot select normally because it isn’t available within your course, or you don’t satisfy entry requirements, or it does not fit within the framework of your course and your other units.

If you need permission to cross-list units from other departments or schools not associated with your degree, then this is managed via a similar online request to Special Permission in Sydney Student.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for your chosen unit, you must apply for a waiver online at the time of application through Sydney Student.

External Students

If you are an external applicant and the Unit of Study you wish to undertake requires Department or other Special Permission, the Sydney Summer School may contact the relevant faculty or department to confirm your eligibility for admission. Please be aware that this may involve a delay in the assessment of your application.

If you are enrolled in another university please obtain advice from your home institution that credit obtained in Summer School or Winter School will be credited to that degree and at what credit point value. It is recommended that you obtain this information in writing prior to enrolling at Summer School or Winter School.