A prerequisite is a unit of study that needs to be completed before another unit can be attempted. Information about prerequisite requirements for each summer unit is available at our subjects page.

Continuing students who are missing prerequisites or would like to select a unit of study from outside their standard course or program, are required to either contact their Faculty to confirm approval of this/these units of study and then forward the approval email to the Summer School or may email the Summer School and we will then contact the Faculty to confirm.

You will need to choose either of the above options to apply for Special Permission for entry to a summer unit that you cannot select normally if you need to cross-list it because it isn’t available within your course, or does not fit within the framework of your course and your other units. All requests are processed on academic merit.

Otherwise, standard course completion rules apply.

A new, commencing student from outside the University is not permitted to undertake units offered in a summer or winter session for which they have not satisfied prerequisites and you will need to upload all supporting documents showing this at the time of online application when you follow the summer/winter period application steps linked to our subjects pages.

For example, if you are a domestic student enrolled in a course at another Australian university, then please provide a current academic transcript with evidence of your enrolment there and your course progression, so that we can match prerequisites at Sydney to your completed units at your home institution. If you wish to access FEE HELP, it is necessary to ensure that you have obtained prior approval to count a unit completed at Sydney toward your course at another university.