Prerequisite and co-requisite requirements

Faculties determine prerequisite and co-requisite requirements for enrolment in a unit of study.


A student may not enrol in a unit of study unless he or she has met the prerequisite requirements for the unit of study.

Summer School 2018

Results for Semester 2, 2017 will be available from Wednesday 13th December 2017. Students studying a pre-requisite for a Summer School unit will be approved, under the assumption this pre-requisite is successfully completed.

If students do not pass this pre-requisite subject in Semester 2, it is the students responsibility to withdraw from the Summer School subject by the Census Date.

Students must withdraw if they do not meet the pre-requisites or they will face academic and financial penalties, as this subject will be unable to be credited towards their current student.

Winter School

If a student is currently studying a prerequisite subject required for a unit of study in Winter School, this is not considered to have met the prerequisite required as results are not available to confirm the prerequisite has been successfully completed.

Instead students are required to submit an application for Special Permission to the faculty, asking for the prerequisite to be waived in this situation. For information on how to apply for Special Permission please see here.


A student may not enrol in a unit of study for which there is a co-requisite requirement unless he or she also enrols in, or has already completed the co-requisite unit of study in the same academic year. For example, if you enrol in a summer session unit of study in January 2016 which requires a co-requisite, then you must have either completed the co-requisite already, or be planning to enrol in it in the same year - in semester one or two of 2016.