Student experiences in Summer and Winter School

Read what past Summer and Winter School students say about their study experiences.

James Evans

Bachelor of Arts

"Summer School was university the way it should be. My class size was perfect – small and interactive – and the intensive structure really helped me to understand and enjoy the content. The chance to catch up on some units of study in a great environment and enjoy the campus and the libraries, almost all to myself, was fantastic."

Naomi Nichole Van Brug

Bachelor of Medical Science

"I enrolled in the Winter School to lighten my course load, as I am a mature-age student and work while studying. To be able to succinctly cover a 13-week course in three weeks is amazing, and it was great to be able to participate in lectures rather than feeling lost among several hundred other students. Our lecturer was very helpful and it was the best-delivered unit I have studied at the University so far."

Miranda Miller

Bachelor of Arts

"If you need high grades, and you are looking for a competitive edge, try Summer School. Because I have work and other commitments outside of study, I don't have the time for four subjects a semester. The Summer School allows me to lighten my regular semester workload and maintain high results. The schedule is fantastic, compressed into a very short space of time and all in one location. It is so much more efficient, not having to spend time transiting between lectures and tutorials. Also, when you only have the one subject, you can take in much more depth and understanding of the content."

Keith Johnstone

Master of Strategic Public Relations

"MECO6900 News Writing is an excellent course, perfect for intensive study and one of the most practical courses offered by the Media and Communication Department. Students have a chance to utilise what they learn, using current examples of best practice alongside established rules of print and online media. Highly recommended."

Marden Abdulla

Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science

"I decided to take a Winter School unit so I could ease my load for the following semester. The class sizes were much smaller and therefore each student received a lot more individual attention. The teaching staff were extremely supportive, which made the experience much easier. I have already recommended Winter School to my friends, and if I wasn’t finishing my degree this semester I would definitely return!"

Mara Crespi

Bachelor of Arts (international student from the United States)

"Summer in Sydney is a unique experience. From petting kangaroos to attending tutorials – all of it has been a blast. I was able to befriend many locals and experience Sydney in a more authentic way, not just as a tourist. In the classroom, I found the teaching style to be quite different from the US – classes are longer and meet less frequently. This taught me to think and learn more independently."

Emma Horn

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)

"I completed the Summer School in Athens and found it to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The lecturers were both passionate and inspiring. The small number of students greatly increased the positive experience with lecturers, who were able to give us one-on-one attention. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime."

Kelly Ann Van Setten

Local Undergraduate Student in Bachelor of Science

"Summer School was great for me, allowing me to complete my pre-requisites when my degree course changed. Covering that material kept me in the swing of things, and the staff running the units were all really lovely. There's a nice personable feel in the courses, and the smaller class sizes."

Florian Pilz

Florian Pilz

International Postgraduate Student studying Economics

"Having the perfect combination of taking part in an academic program and getting to know the country was the reason why I chose the Sydney Summer School. The project management course gave me excellent skills for my job back in Germany. I had never been to Australia before, so it was a great experience for me to live in Sydney for six weeks."

Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis

International Undergraduate Student Studying Arts

"I arrived in Sydney not knowing what to expect during my first time living in a foreign country. I returned to the United States having fallen in love with Australian culture and knowing I would return. I would not trade my time at the University of Sydney for anything, and I know it was a life-changing experience."

Christine Ji-Hae Kang

Local Undergraduate Student in Bachelor of Science

"Studying at the University of Sydney Summer School was a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience as it allowed me to explore my interests outside of full-time study. Summer School was especially ideal for learning a new language as the small class sizes allowed more time for students to interact with each other and receive feedback from the teacher, who was very experienced and helpful. The intense three week course also allowed me to fully immerse myself in the learning without having to worry about other subjects as in a normal semester. I would especially recommend it to those keen on learning a language."

Christopher Zhao

Christopher Zhao

International Undergraduate Student studying Economics

"Summer School at Sydney University was an incredible experience. Not only were we in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we were supported by a helpful staff, distinguished professors, and friendly fellow students. I wish the two months hadn't gone by so quickly!"

Lindsay Donnelly

Lindsay Donnelly

Summer School Scholarship student in the Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce

Lindsay Donnelly received a Summer School Scholarship which enabled him to take chemistry and finance subjects towards his Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce.

"There is the benefit of focusing more, by completing only one or two subjects... I feel I developed a greater understanding of the course."

Lindsay recommends the Summer School because:

  • I developed a greater understanding of the course
  • you’ll be glad when your workload is much smaller than your friends the next semester
  • the benefits outweigh the drawbacks
  • you save a year or even 6 months by completing summer school

Matthew Jaukovic - Elite Athlete

Matthew Jaukovic is an Elite Athlete and is able to overcome his sports commitments by studying at Summer School

"The Summer School is one of the best things Sydney University has to offer - not only that you fast track your degree, but you also enjoy the superior style and quality of teaching, as well as the ultimate social experience"

Matthew recommends the Summer and Winter School because:

  • the program attracts many international and cross-institutional students, making it an unparalleled social experience
  • my sporting commitments often overlap with the academic ones