Summer School and Winter School Fee Scholarships

Summer and Winter School Scholarships are offered to eligible local undergraduate students who are currently enrolled. Students from other universities are welcome to apply.

Applicants may only apply for a Summer or Winter School Scholarship after first submitting an application for a unit of study.

Applicants must ensure all relevant supporting documentation is provided in their application as the Summer School office does not pre-assess.


  1. Summer School Fee Scholarships are only available to students in the Summer School or Winter School program and not transferable to any other session.
  2. Summer School Fee Scholarships are available to any local student (Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand Citizen) currently undertaking an undergraduate award program at a tertiary institution. Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee on the basis of merit, financial hardship and/or educational disadvantage.
  3. Summer School Fee Scholarships will not be awarded to a student taking a not-for-credit subject or a non-award subject or to a student who already has a scholarship/sponsorship for payment of their fees.
  4. The Summer School Fee Scholarship provides for the tuition fee(s) in a subject but not books or associated additional costs. The scholarship cannot be used for living costs. It does not include the Student Services Amenities Fee.


Applicants must demonstrate two or more of the following: financial hardship, educational disadvantage and merit. Preference will normally be given to applicants demonstrating financial hardship and/or education disadvantage.

  1. Financial hardship will normally be demonstrated by the receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth benefit or allowance (such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy, pension or similar). The benefit or allowance must be received in the applicant’s own name. Applicants not in receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth benefit or allowance must provide documentary evidence of exceptional financial circumstance.

  2. Educational disadvantage refers to anything that has disrupted study and is beyond the student’s control. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • illness
    • disability
    • non-English speaking background
    • geographic isolation (usually during secondary schooling)
    • bereavement
    • family disruption
    • official duties e.g. army reserve, SRS, Rural Fire Service, etc
    • official commitments of elite athletes & performers

    Educational disadvantage must be supported by a statutory declaration, medical certificate, reports from counsellors, social works, teachers, ministers of religion or other appropriate people who are not related to the applicant.

  3. Merit. The Academic record of the applicant should demonstrate an ability to be successful in the Summer School subject to which they are applying. This will normally be demonstrated by the applicant’s attaining an Annual Average Mark of 50 or more. Students are not usually awarded a Summer School Fee Scholarship for a subject which they have previously failed, unless:

    • the student can demonstrate educational disadvantage in relation to that subject, or
    • it is the last unit for the award of their degree


To apply for a Summer or Winter School Scholarship, you need to provide evidence of long-term educational disadvantage for two or more reasons, one of which is financial hardship.

Students may only apply for a Summer or Winter School Scholarship after first submitting an application for a unit of study.

To complete your application:

  • Fill in the Scholarship Application form
  • Send a covering letter to the Summer School office, describing your educational history and the reason you are applying for the scholarship, indicate the subjects you would like the scholarship to apply to, your Student ID number and your correct address
  • Include evidence supporting a claim of financial hardship, for example Austudy, Youth Allowance, other government benefit, pay slips or bank statements which indicate financial status
  • Include evidence of long-term educational disadvantage, for example medical certificates or evidence that you grew up in a non-English speaking household (eg Statutory Declaration)
  • Include evidence of merit (e.g. your most recent academic transcript)

Application Form

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Application Form (400 KB)

The Summer School and Winter School Scholarship Application Form.

Please fill out this form and attach it to any scholarship applications.

Closing dates

The closing dates for Winter School 2017 Scholarship applications are:

Winter School : 5th June 2017

You also need to be aware of census dates and other important dates.

How to submit your application form and documents

Applications and documents should be sent to:

The Sydney Summer School
Room 228, Institute Building - H03
The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Please allow 3-4 days for delivery. It is the students responsibility to contact the Summer School office to ensure their application has arrived.


emailed to

All emailed applications will receive a confirmation email, please ensure the application is submitted with the relevant documentation as this confirmation email only acknowledges we have received it and does not pre-assess your Scholarship application.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to ensure their documentation is submitted. Applications without documentation are rarely successful.