Special Consideration

The University's assessment practices are designed to ensure that conditions are fair for all, so that students are not disadvantaged by adverse personal circumstances beyond their control, or by the activities of others.

Students affected by circumstances, such as short-term serious illness or other misadventure, compromising their preparation for for an examination or submission of an assessment, may apply for Special Consideration at summer or winter sessions.

In the event of non-attendance or non-submission, due to ill-health or misadventure, a request for special consideration must be lodged within 3 working days from the end of the period for which consideration is sought.

Procedure for lodging a special consideration application

New special consideration and special arrangements online system for students

All students must use the new online system to apply for special consideration and special arrangements.

Full information on how to apply is found at the new special consideration website for students including the link to the online application system.

Students who require any assistance in lodging a Special Consideration application should contact the Student Centre.