Summer School & Winter School timetables are decided by the disciplines and faculties concerned and every attempt is made to ensure that popular combinations of subjects do not clash.

If you enrol in two subjects in Summer School then you are responsible for checking that these two units do not clash. That is, you must be sure that lectures, tutorials, field excursions, examinations, etc., are not held at the same time.

There is an academic requirement that students attend 80% of the classes in each subject. Thus, it is impossible to enrol and attend and meet this requirement if the subjects clash.

You need to check My Summer Study to ensure that your subjects do not clash, and you must vary your enrolment if they do clash.

Please note that the Summer School handbook listing subjects is only accurate at the time of publication. (mid August) Other subjects can be added until August 31.

Winter School subject listings and timetables will appear on the website in early April.

Winter School enrolments are limited to one subject only.

Enrolled students will be notified by email of a change in timetable; however, email can be unreliable so the best way to keep up to date is by checking the My Summer Study.

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to check the website for the latest timetable information. Rooms can change for various reasons.