Summer and Winter School timetables are decided by faculty teaching coordinators. The Summer School office confirms the timetable venues on behalf of faculties.

All Summer and Winter School timetables are listed on the Unit of Study list page. This is the only source of summer timetable information for students.

Please Note: students are not sent personal timetables like regular semester 1 and 2, instead students are required to check the Summer School website for all timetable information. Any changes will be updated and posted online.

Timetable Clashes

Every effort is made to avoid clashes between units of study that students take together for two unit summer enrolment, especially with undergraduate Science units.

Students enrolling in two subjects over summer are responsible for checking they do not clash. If any teaching element of your summer unit clashes with another one, including examinations, then you should choose another unit that doesn't have overlapping dates and times.

If you choose two summer units that do not clash except for the two exams, then you will need to write to the unit lecturer before enrolling to inquire about an alternative test date. You can find the lecturer or administrative contact details for a summer unit with clashing exam timetables at our Unit of Study page.

Students should be aware before enrolling that your obligation as a summer applicant is to attend 80% of the class meetings for each unit and this is not possible if you choose units that clash.

Winter School enrolments are limited to one unit only, so the issue of timetable clashes does not arise, but you will still need to check the venues at our Unit of Study page, because there can be late changes to room allocation.