Fees for Summer School & Winter School 2017

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Summer School units are generally calculated at the same full fee rate as for the same units in Semesters 1 and 2.

Fees may differ according to the degree studied for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Sydney University student tuition fees - 2017

Following the new fee structure introduced in 2017, tuition fees are calculated based on a student's residency status and the course (undergraduate/postgraduate) enrolled in.

Students will be advised of their tuition fee at enrolment. If you require a indicative fee please contact us via email only on .

Winer school enrolments are fee paying for postgraduate and international students, calculated at the same fee rate as for Semester One or Two of that academic year.

HECS-HELP & FEE-HELP can be used for Summer School and Winter school subjects by eligible domestic students.

University of Sydney students who are wishing to undertake a unit of study either through non-award or audit options, please see below for relevant information.

External student tuition fees – 2017

Non-Award & Cross-Institutional
Tuition fees are calculated based upon an applicants residency status and the area of study as determined by faculty. If you require a indicative fee please contact us via email only on .

Cross-Instititional students may be eligible for HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP. Non-Award students are required to pay the full-fee rate

Audit students: Tuition fees for "not for credit" study are generally charged at 75 percent of the published subject fee for a local student.

Public Administration Students, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The fees listed do not apply to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma or Master of Public Administration, or through ANZSOG in the Executive Master of Public Administration. Please consult with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences concerning your tuition fees.

Other costs associated with Summer School study

Some units may involve additional costs such as textbooks, course notes, fieldwork, travel or other expenses.