Varying Your Summer OR WINTER Enrolment

Submitting a variation

You can vary your enrolment online by choosing to withdraw from a unit of study, transferring to another unit before the census date, or by adding a second unit. You can find unit descriptions to make alternate choices at our [[]] page. (only for Summer School).

Summer and Winter students vary their enrolment online in Sydney Student: your online administration service, which you can use to update your personal details, enrolment information, manage your finances and many other candidature-related tasks. You can find out more here: the student self-administration service

Please note, when you vary your enrolment it is your responsibility to ensure there is no timetable clash between the two summer units. Winter School Students can only enrol for one subject.

Academic penalties

Withdrawing from a Summer or Winter School subject after class has commenced may incur the following academic penalties:

  • DNF (Discontinued Not Failed) for withdrawal after the census date and in the first 50% of class time;
  • DF (Discontinued Failed) for withdrawal after 50% of class time has elapsed;
  • AF (Absent Fail) for non-attendance either at the examination or failure to complete the required assessment. You cannot withdraw after the last class.