Hal Foster

A different sort of avant-garde?
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21st Century Medicine

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Food@Sydney Seminars

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Six Drug Myths you Probably Believe

A pharmacist tells all
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Beyond 1914

Find out about the University of Sydney and the Great War
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Upcoming Events

  • 6 February

     Professor Wendy Freedman

    Professor Wendy Freedman, University of Chicago on The Unexpected Universe: how astronomical telescopes continue to reveal new surprises
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  • 24 February

     Professor Hal Foster

    Professor Hal Foster, Princeton University on Contemporary Art and Mimetic Excess
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  • 9 March

     Spanish writers

    Spanish writers Marcos Giralt Torrente and Elia Barceló join Anne Walsh from our Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies for a wide ranging conversation on the state of literature in Spain today
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