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Peter Beinart, Associate Professor of journalism and political science at the City University of New York, and the senior political writer for The Daily Beast spoke in The Icarus Syndrome: A History of American Hubris in a co-presentation with the US Studies Centre.
Image: US Studies Centre

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The ancient city of Carthage was the topic of one the Sydney Ideas Open and Sydney Humanities Salon Cities series in 2011. Richard Miles from the Department of Classics and Ancient History presented on Carthage – City of Memories
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A panel of respected media reviewers and critics were brought together by the Department of Media and Communications to discuss their future in True Judge vs New Judge: The role of the reviewer in the Twitter age
Image: Dept of Media and Communications

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Philosophers have turned their attention to the ethical issues behind the climate change headlines. University of Washington academic Stephen Gardiner ‘s lecture for Sydney Ideas A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change tackles these issues. Image: iStockphoto.com

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The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies hosted a lecture by NASA astronaut Gregory Chamitoff on A Journey Through Space: the final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. One of our most popular events ever, and inspiring for all young people.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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One Just World (OJW) is a national series of free, after-work speakers’ forums designed to involve the community in conversation and debate on key international development issues facing Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. The University is delighted to partner with OJW in Sydney and provide a platform for academic experts to engage in a conversation with those working at the coalface of the development sector. Past topic include Child Health Now, Human Security, Corruption and Faith and Development.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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Developments in neuroscience are a perennially popular topic, and now sociologists are turning their attention to how they can transform our conception of what it is to be a human being. Professor Nickolas Rose from LSE spoke on this intriguing issue in his lecture Governing Conduct in the Age of the Brain.

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The grand University of Sydney's Great Hall was one of Sydney’s first major public venues when it opened in 1859. It is the venue for the larger Sydney Ideas lectures.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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The China Studies Centre partners with Sydney Ideas on a range of events with visiting speakers on topics as diverse as business, government, history and culture.
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Louise Bauer, Professor & Deputy Associate Dean, Discipline of Paediatrics & Child Health at the University of Sydney was one of the expert speakers at the One Just World Forum Child Health Now
Image: Sydney Ideas

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Leading global public health figure Sir George Alleyne led a vigorous panel discussion on Non-communicable diseases and sustainable development - from New York to Rio. Co-presented with the University’s new research centre focusing on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, now called the Charles Perkins Centre.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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Professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley, Alison Gopnik, spoke on the revolution in our scientific understanding of babies and young children in her lecture, The Philosophical Baby.
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Professor Peter Singer joined Sydney Ideas for a lecture on Does understanding evolution help us to understand ethics?
Image: Sydney Ideas

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Two leading Thai scholars shared their observations on the situation in Thailand after the July 2011 Elections. Professor Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr Chris Baker spoke on Thailand's Election and the New Government: A turning point?
Image: Chris Baker

Image 21
Adventure Ecology founder and environmentalist David de Rothschild recounted his amazing four month journey on the Plastiki, a catamaran made of plastic bottle, across the Atlantic Ocean in 2010.
Image: theplastiki.com

Image 22
Sydney Ideas co-presented the Inaugural Confucius Institute Lecture at the University of Sydney lecture in October 2011. Respected Confucian scholar Professor Daniel Bell spoke on Political Legitimacy in China: A Confucian Perspective.
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The UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon chose the University of Sydney for an inspiring lecture to students on his priorities for the changing world, encouraging them to "think big" and make a difference in the world.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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US political scientist Frank Alcock reviewed the findings of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and its implications for future offshore drilling Deepwater Horizon: What happened, why and where do we go from here?
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Leading US political scientist Robert D Putnam spoke for Sydney Ideas and the US Studies Centre in 2011 on American Grace: How religion divides and unites America.
Image: US Studies Centre

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Everyone has a chance to ask a question at Sydney Ideas.
Image: Sydney Ideas

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Kenyan photographer Thomas Mukoya was the guest of Sydney Ideas in a joint presentation with the UNHCR. His presentation on Telling African Stories in the Media provided a fascinating insight into his life documenting the circumstances of refugees and displaced people whose lives are forever changed by the effects of conflict and insurrection.
Image: Australia for UNHCR/Thomas Mukoya