Two weeks that change the world: America and China in transition

Co-presented with The Sydney Morning Herald

12 November

As the United States goes to the polls to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney; in China, power will shift to a new generation of leaders headed by Xi Jinping.

The Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney Ideas will host a special forum to explore the global implications of these changes.

The panellists will consider the rise of China as a superpower; the impact of the US election result on international relations; and the implications of these events for Australia. The forum is part of the Herald’s editorial campaign to set these historic two weeks in context via informed commentary and detailed multimedia news and analysis from correspondents in Washington, Beijing and Canberra.

Moderated by Fairfax Media’s National Foreign Editor, Connie Levett, the forum panel will include:

  • Peter Hartcher, International and Political Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Kevin Rudd, Labor MP, former Prime Minister and former Foreign Affairs Minister (via video link)
  • Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal MP and Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband
  • Professor Geoffrey Garrett, former Chief Executive of the US Studies Centre and current Dean of the University of Sydney Business School