The Disruption of China's Resurgence: Reflections from an International Relations Perspective

Co-presented with the China Studies Centre as part of it inaugural annual China Studies Centre Conference to showcase recent research in the field each year.

6 December

Understanding the domestic and global implications of China’s resurgence is a challenge for scholars as well as policy-makers. The focus of this paper is on what the understanding of China's resurgence exposes about the discipline of International Relations, and on what it has meant for International Relations (IR) approaches in terms of concepts, theories, and empirical foci.

These questions will be explored through examination of arguments about the links between economics and security; the degree to which China challenges global order practices; and the issues raised by the new geo-politics. Finally, a case will be made for the value of establishing firmer links between those scholarly communities who work on domestic China and those who work on the IR of China.

Professor Rosemary Foot

Rosemary Foot is Professor of International Relations, and the John Swire Senior Research Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford University. Her principal research interests are in the International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, particularly security policies, human rights, regional institutional and normative developments, and US-China relations. Full biography here.