What Do Human Rights Demand from You and Me?

Co-presented with the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights at the University of Sydney,

7 March, 2012
Professor Thomas Pogge

Many human beings do not have all their human rights fulfilled. A better world must surely be possible. But who has what obligations to help bring it about? What do we really owe distant strangers? And is this debt measured in resources we sacrifice or in gains thereby achieved for those in need? How are our obligations affected by the fact that so many in our situation don't lift a finger? Is it possible to lead a moral life in our highly complex world? Political philosopher, Thomas Pogge, looks at the big questions that confront all of us concerned with human rights and global justice today.

Professor Thomas Pogge

Thomas Pogge is Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale, Professorial Fellow at the Australian National University, Research Director at the Oslo University Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science. Having received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard, Thomas Pogge has published widely on Kant and in moral and political philosophy His recent publications include Politics as Usual (2010); Kant, Rawls, and Global Justice (Chinese, 2010); Hacer justicia a la humanidad(2009); World Poverty and Human Rights (2008); Global Justice and Global Ethics co-edited (2008); The Health Impact Fund co-authored with Aidan Hollis (2008); John Rawls: His Life and Theory of Justice (2007); and Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right edited (2007).

Supported by the Australian Research Council, the BUPA Foundation and the European Commission, Pogge’s current work is focused on a team effort toward developing a complement to the pharmaceutical patent regime that would improve access to advanced medicines for the poor worldwide (www.healthimpactfund.org).