Sydney Ideas Distinguished Speaker Lecture

Mr ZHOU Wenzhong, Former Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum For Asia

Australia – China at 40: The intersection of politics and economics

Co-presented with the Sydney World Program International Forum Series

22 August

In his speech, the former Chinese Ambassador to Australia will reflect on 40 years of exchanges since the establishment of China-Australia diplomatic relations and review the achievements yielded by the two countries’ cooperation. He will offer his outlook on the future bilateral relationship in the context of the contemporary international and regional situation, as well as the development goals of China and Australia.

Wenzhong Zhou

Mr Zhou Wenzhong was among the pioneering younger generation of Chinese students who were among the first to study overseas in the 1970s. He went on to become a leading diplomat of his generation. Over the past two decades his work has paralleled China’s opening up, and its period of major reform and rapid development.

In all his senior positions, such as Vice-Foreign Minister of China and Chinese Ambassador to the US, he has been an important contributor to his country’s modernisation process and its increasing interaction with international society, by applying his deep understanding of the world outside China. He has also assisted the outside world to better understand changes in the new China, which has made a significant contribution to improving international relations in today’s world.

Since his retirement from Foreign Service in 2010, Mr Zhou has continued to contribute to the development of international co-operation, particularly in the Asian-Pacific Region. In his current position as Secretary-General of the Boao Forum For Asia (BFA), a non-government, non-profit international organization, he works to provide a forum for leaders in government, business and academia in Asia and other continents, to meet regularly and promote regional economic integration and bring Asian countries even closer to their development goals.

During his term as the Chinese Ambassador to Australia from 1998 to 2001, in particular, Mr Zhou contributed greatly to the improvement and strengthening of bilateral relations between Australia and China in all areas including politics, economics, trade, culture, education and sciences. This relationship will be the topic of his special lecture for the University of Sydney.

Mr Zhou's visit to Sydney is supported by the TOP Education Institute.