The Australian Leadership Paradox

Co-presented with The Benevolent Society's centre for leadership development, Social Leadership Australia and the University of Sydney Business School

How can we turn around the culture of complaint about Australian leadership?

Everywhere you turn, there is dissatisfaction with leadership in Australia today, especially in politics, but also in business and in the community. We blame those in power for not showing leadership yet habitually expect their protection and support. We’re seduced by new leaders but quickly cut them down then they don’t have a quick fix. We bang on about mateship and egalitarianism... but are we just denying the power we have, in this prosperous nation, to lead with real courage and vision?

In their new book, Australian Leadership Paradox, Geoff Aigner and Liz Skelton argue the root of the problem is a misunderstanding about what leadership really is, can and should be. Working with hundreds of leaders from government, business and community organisations, they have identified four paradoxes holding Australia back from effective leadership and show how we can develop leadership which is truly inspiring, sustainable and effective - if we can be honest, gutsy and imaginative enough to do the work.

Join Sydney Ideas for a presentation by Geoff Aigner and Liz Skelton on the key points of their findings, followed by a conversation and Q&A led by Professor Richard Hall from the University of Sydney Business School Social Leadership program.

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Geoff Aigner & Liz Skelton

Geoff Aigner & Liz Skelton

Geoff Aigner is the Director of Social Leadership Australia at The Benevolent Society and has hands-on experience in senior leadership roles and a deep understanding of change and leadership theory. He is also adjunct faculty at the Australian Graduate School of Management and the author of Leadership Beyond Good Intentions.

Liz Skelton is a senior manager, educator and consultant for Social Leadership Australia at The Benevolent Society. She has 18 years experience in leadership roles in Australia and the UK and has led adaptive change initiatives for business, government and community sectors on complex issues such as homelessness, drug reform and Indigenous leadership.

Professor Richard Hall

Professor Richard Hall is Associate Dean, Management Education and Professor of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. He is currently developing a research group at Sydney focusing on critical leadership studies and linking with international scholars with similar interests in critical leadership studies and practice. For a full profile visit his University of Sydney page here.

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