Townsend on Turner

Dr Joyce Townsend, Senior Conservation Scientist at the Tate

Co-presented with the Power Institute, ABC Radio National and the National Gallery of Australia

British artist J M W Turner, who came from a modest background, had innate artistic talent, driving ambition, and entrepreneurial skills. His earliest work in watercolour, which included accomplished works ready for sale, illustrations painted for the engraved book market, sea studies in oil, and exhibition paintings ready for sale, influenced everything he would paint in later life.

Join Dr Joyce Townsend, Senior Conservation Scientist at the Tate, and ABC Radio National presenter Richard Aedy, as they discuss Turner's outstanding career and his enormous output of paintings, sketches, and watercolours. Dr Townsend has an international reputation for her work on the identification and deterioration of artist’s materials and on the interpretation of techniques, mainly for 19th century and 20th-century British art, with a recurring emphasis on J M W Turner. Dr Townsend featured as the conservation expert on the J M W Turner episode ‘A miscarriage of justice’, in series 2 of the BBC series Fake or Fortune.

In this conversation, Dr Townsend will focus on the research studies she has undertaken on these significant works, which feature in the exhibition Turner from the Tate: the making of a master, at the National Gallery of Australia from 1 June – 8 September.

Hosted by Richard Aedy, Presenter of ABC Radio National’s Sunday Profile and the Media Report.