The Future of Open Knowledge: what impact will open knowledge have on research, the economy and the public?

Co-presented with the Open Knowledge Foundation - Australia, as part of the "Open Knowledge Down Under” tour

26 August

To mark the launch of the Open Knowledge Foundation in Australia, founder Dr Rufus Pollock is touring Australia. His "Open Knowledge Down Under" tour will take in several capital cities and includes a series of public lectures. The focus of the Sydney lecture will be to talk about the impact of open knowledge on research, the economy and the public. Whilst this is a global initiative, it will include specific focus on the impact in Australia.

OKFN is a global movement to open up knowledge around the world and see it used and useful. It brings together a diverse community, building a network of individuals and organisations, founded on the key principles of universal participation, availability and access, and reuse and redistribution. It is non-partisan and creates change by empowering individuals and constructing channels and tools to make data available and processable.

The lecture will be highly interactive, so bring your questions, ideas and enthusiasm. OKFN Australian Ambassadors, Dr Mat Todd from the University of Sydney and Dr Anne Cregan from Intersect, Australia's largest full-service eResearch support agency, will facilitate audience Q&A with Dr Pollock. Part of this tour is a call for local participants to get involved in OKFN in Australia and you'll have a chance to find out more about what's going to be happening locally.

Dr  Rufus Pollock

Dr Rufus Pollock graduated from Cambridge University as a Mead fellow in Economics (after graduating with a distinction in mathematics). Rufus is a well regarded economist because of his scholarly work on open data and open knowledge economies. Rufus co-founded the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2004. Rufus has sat on several government advisory panels including the British Prime Minister’s appointed Public Sector Transparency Board. Rufus is a Shuttleworth Fellow and is helping to expand the Open Knowledge Foundation worldwide, of which over 50+ chapters have formed, some of which are in our Asia-Pacific neighbors: India, Nepal, Taiwan and China.