Global sustainability, are you serious?

Professor Olivier Jolliet, Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan

Co-presented by Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA), School of Physics, the University of Sydney

  • 8 April
  • What fraction of pollution in China and its 200,000 related deaths per year are due to consumption of products in Australia, US and Europe?
  • How many energy slaves are pedaling for you continuously?
  • How to spend your money in a sustainable way: buy a Ferrari?

Oliver Jolliet works on how to quantify the impact of chemicals and associated environmental risks for the whole of society. His Impact and Risk Modeling (iMod) laboratory can track outdoor and indoor chemical emissions emitted over the life cycle of products, and how they spread over the world. He will discuss this research for Sydney Ideas, applying it to our daily life, showing how we can act to reduce impacts on human health, and discussing different paths towards sustainable consumption.

Image for Professor Olivier Jolliet lecture

Physicist Olivier Jolliet is Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. His research and teaching programs aim to assess environmental risks and impacts of chemicals and of innovative technologies. He co-initiated the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. He is presently invited Professor in Integrated Sustainability Analysis at the School of Physics, University of Sydney.