Globalisation and World Sovereignty: Perpetual Peace in the Twenty-First Century

Professor Ramón Tamames, Professor of Economic Structure at Autonomous University of Madrid

Co-presented with the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, the University of Sydney

Professor Ramón Tamames visit is supported by the Cervantes Institute, Sydney

28 August

There are many challenges facing humanity these days than ever before. There is an escalating need to get a world order in place that would ensure a lasting global peace. Globalisation has revealed a perhaps more pressing need to work in unity to guarantee a better world. The international community has a duty to continue to promote global trade, and at the same time address the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, environmental deterioration and eradication of poverty.

The talk will be in English and moderated by Professor John Keane, Director of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, University of Sydney.

Professor Ramón Tamames

Professor Ramón Tamamesis a Spanish politician and economist. He is also Professor of Economic Structure at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and Jean Monet in the European Union, member of the Club of Rome, and the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of Spain. In 2012 he was elected member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

He is the Trade Commissioner and State Economist for the Spanish Government at the Ministry for Economy of Spain. In March 1992, he was appointed Jean Monnet Chair by the European Community.

Professor Tamames has been a consultant to the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) and the Institute for Latin American Integration (INTAL) under the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He is also member of the Club of Rome since 1992.

He has lectured at around the world, including at Harvard and institutions around the world such as Brussels, London School of Economics, Berlin, Caracas, Mexico, Buenos Aires, and the University of Oxford.

Professor Tamames is author of a number of books and articles. His main economic works include: Estructura económica de España (1960), Los monopolios de España (1967), his monumental Diccionario de econom'a y finanzas (1988) and La Unión Europea y el Euro (1997).