Exploring the Anthropo-scenery

Co-presented with the Sydney Environment Instituteat the University of Sydney

Lecture date: 25 February, 2014

Australian climate policy shifts, the future of the Great Barrier Reef is called into question, America experiences a polar vortex whilst Australia swelters and burns. These are snapshots of the new geological era in which we live, an era where humans now control many of the forces that shape the planet. This is the age of the anthropocene. A controversial term that is resisted by some and embraced by others, this Sydney Ideas event will explore the social and political potential of the term. Three separate talks will consider concepts of hope, justice and sight in this unprecedented epoch. Surrender to human domination of the natural world.

Romand Coles will discuss ‘Political Ecologies of Hope in a post-Holocene World’, focusing on the challenges of radical disruption and dislodgment to our political imaginations and practices. How might we craft visions of democracy, justice, and resilience in a world where increasingly frequent experiences of unforeseeable events are among the most foreseeable aspects of our future?

Giovanna Di Chiro will reveal her recent work in environmental justice, focused on both the movements’ response to the idea of the anthropocene as well as their growing attention to the local and bodily impacts of climate change, what she calls ‘embodied ecologies’.

David Schlosberg will delve into how the anthropocene enables a ‘politics of sight’. The very point of embracing the anthropocene is to acknowledge and respond to human control and domination, and we start by simply seeing the impact of our actions.

Join us for an evening in which we explore the realities and opportunities presented by one of the most powerful environmental concepts of our time.

Professor Rom Coles

Professor Romand Coles

Professor & F.M. McAllister Endowed Chair, Community, Culture & Environment, Northern Arizona University, US. University home page

Professor Giovanna di Chiro

Professor Giovanno di Chiro

Lang Professor for Issues of Social Change at Swarthmore College, US
University home page

Professor David Schlosberg

Professor David Schlosberg

Professor of Environmental Politics and co-director Sydney Environment Institute. University home page