Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Join our panel of experts as they debate whether entrepreneurs are born or created

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11 October 2017

Australia is currently ranked 23 on the Global Innovation Index published by INSEAD and Cornell business schools.* If we are to become more like countries such as Israel or places like Silicon Valley, we need to create an environment that nurtures entrepreneurship.

Many education providers have rushed in to teach courses on entrepreneurship but is it something that can be taught? Or do entrepreneurs share a set of skills that they were born with or acquired outside the classroom?

Join us for a special event on entrepreneurship that brings together leading innovators from a range of disciplines: Henry Bilinsky, experimental physicist, lawyer and entrepreneur; Xiaoke Yi, one of Australia’s most innovative engineers, Alexis Soulopoulos, Mad Paws start-up founder and entrepreneur; and Anastasia Volkova founder of FluroSat. monitoring farms using drones and satellites in 5 states in Australia

The conversation will be facilitated by Dr Massimo Garbuio, a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney.


Henry Bilinsky thumb

Henry Bilinsky is the founder and CEO of MicroTau, a Sydney-based technology company developing a novel method of applying shark-skin inspired microstructures onto aircraft to improve fuel efficiency. Funded by the US Air Force, MicroTau successfully demonstrated proof of concept equivalent to a 2% fuel saving and has won a second contract to mature the technology for flight testing.

Xiaoke Yi

Xiaoke Yi was recently named one of Australia’s most innovative engineers in the Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2017 awards for her new pain-free, low-cost method to help people with diabetes monitor their insulin levels. She is a 2017 Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) fellow, enabling her to increase the impact and scale of her research.

Alexis Soulopoulos

Alexis Soulopoulos co-founded Mad Paws after graduating from the University of Sydney Business School. Mad Paws is Australia’s largest pet services marketplace, has a partnership with Australia's leading pet food supplier PETstock, and is growing fast to become the number one solution for all pet services in Australia. In its first 10 months of operation, the start-up has raised $1.1 million to further accelerate growth.

Anastasia Volkova

Anastasia Volkova is an aeronautical engineer completing her PhD in autonomous drone navigation in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney. Anastasia has recently been awarded the Amelia Earhart Fellowship for her commitment to advancing the application of aerospace engineering. Her passion for the real-world application has found expression in the startup, FluroSat which has successfully finished Telstra's muru-D accelerator program and is now monitoring farms using drones and satellites in five states in Australia.

Dr Massimo Garbuio

Dr Massimo Garbuio is a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney Business School. He's passionate about helping students and business leaders become master strategists. Working at the intersection of design thinking and strategy, Massimo's research explores how master strategists think about innovation and disruption, allocate resources and make decisions. Collaborative research projects include two global studies with the McKinsey Quarterly.