Housing Affordability: international insights on achieving affordability with quality density

Professor Richard Peiser, Michael Spear Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Co-presented with the Cities Leadership Institute at the University of Sydney

23 February, 2017

Innovative housing affordability strategies are in high demand for communities. While the State and Federal Governments have prioritised housing, the right tools and mechanisms need to be in place to deliver the right solutions.

Real estate development expert Professor Richard Peiser at Harvard University and guest of the Cities Leadership Institute at the University of Sydney, will speak on how to achieve quality, affordable housing drawing on case studies and strategies from the United States. He will discuss ways that we can better finance loans for key workers in affordable housing, new tenure strategies, and trends in commercial and residential real estate. Professor Peiser will also discuss how we can better integrate jobs and transport into the delivery process of and international best practices of density and accessibility.

The talk will be facilitated by Professor Edward Blakely of the Cities Leadership Institute at the University of Sydney.

Mayor Sally Betts of Waverley Council and Robert Furolo, Director of Strategic Housing Solutions will join Professor Richard Peiser after his presentation as panellists.

We look forward to opening up a dialogue between the community housing sector, local government, academia and the public.


Richard Peiser

Professor Richard Peiser has been the Michael Spear Professor at the Harvard University since 1998 and has 30 years’ experience globally as an advisor and lecturer on commercial and residential real estate development. His primary research has focused on understanding the response of real estate developers to the market place, particularly in the areas of affordable housing, urban redevelopment, and suburban sprawl. He is a trustee at the Urban Land Institute, America's premier real estate development organisation.