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Scientific Advisory Committe

The Trustees of the Fund are advised by a Scientific Advisory Committee of distinguished scientists. Applications for grants from the Fund undergo a process of peer-review, for quality and relevance to advertised guidelines, administered by this Committee.

Scientists who have served on the Fund's Scientific Advisory Committee include:

  • Professor John Rasko
    Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology, University of Sydney
  • Professor David Celermajer
    Scandrett Professor of Cardiology, University of Sydney
  • Professor Yechezkel Barenholz
    The Institute of Medical Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Professor Itamar Simon
    The Institute of Microbiology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Professor Judy Black
    Discipline of Pharmacology, University of Sydney
  • Professor Robert Saint
    Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU
  • Professor Ian Mc Closkey
    POW Medical Research Institute
  • Professor Max Bennett
    Department of Physiology, University of Sydney
  • Professor Bogdan Dreher
    Department of Anatomy & Histology University of Sydney
  • Dr John McAvoy
    Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney
  • Emeritus Professor William Burke
    Department of Anatomy & Histology, University of Sydney
  • Professor Jonathan Stone
    Managing Trustee SZCUF, Convenor SAC