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From Test Tube to Treatment – 2 November 2005

Members of the IBR named below provided the following presentations based on their current work on the listed topics for this seminar morning.

Vitamin D: the sunshine Vitamin
The importance of vitamin D to bone and muscle health and latest findings about its role in prevention of diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

Presenter: Associate Professor Rebecca Mason, Head, Dept of Physiology & Skin & Bone Laboratory, University of Sydney

Moving toward non surgical treatment
Cataract is the most common cause of blindness. Understanding normal lens cell behaviour brings closer the development of early non-surgical strategies to slow and potentially block cataract growth.

Presenter: Dr Frank Lovicu
Senior Lecturer, Dept of Anatomy & Histology, Head, Lens Research Laboratory, University of Sydney

The role of the brain in causing hypertension
Recent evidence indicates overactivity of nerves supplying the heart and blood vessels is a factor causing hypertension in many cases, and that this overactivity is generated within the brain.

Presenter: Professor Roger Dampney, Professor of Physiology, & Head, Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory, Dept of Physiology, University of Sydney

Brain Banks
The role of brain banks in medical research
The work of the NSW Tissue Resource Centre and the importance of brain tissue provided by it for the study of diseases such as alcoholism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder & Alzheimer's disease.

Presenter: Professor Clive Harper Professor of Neuropathology, Dept of Pathology, Director, NSW Tissue Resource Centre, University of Sydney