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2014 Fund Prize Gallery

Bernard Levy and Maria Walter Lachs

Bertha and Harold Milner

Dianne Joseph, Ziggy Sieradzki, Margaret Gutman OAM and Dr Danny Beran

Donna and Philip Moses

Dorothy Kemeny and Noirin Celermajer

Eddie_Jaku OAM and Flora Jaku

Eli Tal and Barry Joseph

Dr Gil Davis and Sharon Davis

Eli Tal, Steve Vucic, Dr Jerry Schwartz and Anthony Gill

Harold and Bertha Milner, Emi and Paul Keen

Henry Benjamin, Ass Prof Suzanne Rutland OAM, Sheila Philippsohn and Peter Philippsohn OAM

Henry Benjamin, Olga and Brian Harrison

Janice Hirshon and George Jacobs

Jesse Tracton and Julia Tauber

Ian Groden and Karen Pisk

John Milston and Ziggy Sieradzki

Cecilia Minogue

Judith Handley, Anna and Stephen Marks

Loretta Sioson, Nicole Watson, Anthony Gill and Adele Clarkson

Michael Dunkel, Agnes Ginges and Prof Emeritus Michael Stone

Leon and Miriam Bryl

Prof Jonathan Stone, Margaret Stone and Irene Selecki

Prof Rebecca Mason, Janice Hirshon, Sheila Philippsohn and Peter Philippsohn OAM

Roger and Eleanor Sebel