Stationery spreadsheet

The stationery spreadsheet can be found under online stationery ordering

  • Can I change the spreadsheet or save it in a different format?
    No, the field codes and positions are directly related to the coding of the program. If you change the spreadsheet the system will interpret this as an error
  • Do data fields in the website and the .csv spreadsheet have a character limit?
    No, however if you enter too much text and it does not comply with the Brand Style Guide this will be returned to you by UPMS to make amendments
  • If I need both ‘DL plain faced envelopes’ and ‘DL window faced envelopes’ will I need to submit 2 spreadsheets?
    Yes, this is considered 2 different product categories even though both envelopes are the same size.
  • Where do I refer to the quantity in the csv file (i.e. 500 envelopes, etc)?
    Group all the orders with the same RC code and same quantity in one csv file then select your quantity when you upload the order online
  • If all my envelope orders have all the same specifications (IE: Same RC Code, Qty: 2000, Size: DL and Finishing: Plain and Self Seal) except one order which is for Qty: 4000 can I use the same csv file?
    Yes, but the orders for Qty: 2000 will be represented on 1 line each and the Qty: 4000 will need to be represented on 2 lines.
  • Can I order generic business card, with no name, together with named business cards on the same spread sheet?
    No, you will need to send through a requisition form and sample of the card or a sample of the information that you require on the 'Generic Card' with a reason for requiring a generic card. UPMS will send the card to branding for approval.
  • If I want institutional envelopes do I need to type 'The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia' in the data field of my spreadsheet?
    No, you just need to type in 'NSW 2006 Australia'. You will only need to type in 'The University of Sydney' if it is a personalised envelope.


  • Where can I get more information regarding usage of the logo?
  • Can I have a black and white crest?
    No, all University stationery must use a colour crest
  • Can I alter or remove the Sydney University URL from stationary?
    No, that is not permitted by Brand Style Guidelines with the only exception being university researchers. University researchers are able to lengthen the URL to lead directly to their research page.
  • Is it possible to change the business card design to use full words rather than abbreviations for ‘room’ and ‘level’?
  • Where do I apply for second logo approval?


  • Can I have window faced envelopes?
    Yes, however you will need to submit a separate spreadsheet if you are ordering plain- and window-faced (this is considered 2 different product categories)
  • I normally use electronic templates for my letterheads; do I need to order letterheads?
    No, this decision is up to you. You can choose whichever product you require. Downloadable word templates for personalised letterheads are available from sydney.edu.au/staff/brand/stationery/letterhead.shtml
  • Can I use Institutional stationery (generic) instead of personalised stationery?
    Yes, absolutely
  • Can I order Institutional envelopes and use my faculty stamp with our own information?
    No, but you can order envelopes with your faculty details on the envelope
  • Can I have a different language on my business card?
    Yes, but you will need to have English details on one side and foreign details on the reverse side, making this a none standard order. This will need to be ordered through an email requisition form to
  • If my qualifications are in a different language but the rest of my business card is in English do I need to print a double-sided card or have the text translated?
    No, and the card is still considered a single-sided standard price but you will have to send the order through to
  • If I don’t want +61 2 prefixes on my phone and fax, can I do this?
    No, you must have the +61 2 prefix on the landline phone and fax number however you can opt to not use the +61 2 on the mobile number.


  • Can I use my personal email address to log on and order stationery?
    No, for security reasons the online system will only register sydney.edu.au or usyd.edu.au addresses
  • Can I order my stationery if my email address has not been confirmed?
    No, you will need to have a confirmed email address before placing your order
  • The standard order for business cards is 250; can I order 500 or 1000 business cards?
    Yes. Each row in the csv file represents 250 business cards. Therefore you must duplicate the order details (row) of that person in the csv files. So if ‘Joanne Smith’ required 1000 cards, you would enter her name and information on four separate lines in the .csv file
  • If some but not all cards are approved can I ‘upload’ to UPMS’?
    No, you must upload the spreadsheet only when everything is approved. If you have pending approvals you may want to separate those onto another spreadsheet to avoid holding up the approved orders
  • If I am the person ordering the stationery will I also be responsible for approving the stationery?
    Yes, however you may want to emphasise to staff that they need to check the details supplied to you on your .csv spreadsheet
  • If I need to order products other than stationery can I do that through the online ordering system?
    This will be possible in phase two of the online ordering system. For the time being if you would like to order other products, please download a requisition form from sydney.edu.au/ups and email to or contact client services on +61 2 9351 2004
  • If I want to delete an order on my orders page how do I do that?
    Email your request through with the following text in the SUBJECT LINE: "Delete order xxxxxx" to
  • If I have been approved by branding to use a secondary logo can I place the order through the online system?
    If you require and have been approved for secondary logos then you will need to place the order through the current ordering method of using a requisition form and supplying your RC Code rather than uploading through the online system. Secondary logo cards will incur an additional charge.
  • If I have accents or other diacritical marks (for example: é, ç or à) in my name can I upload them to the online system?
    No, you will have to send the order through to
  • If my building name is “Jane Foss Russell Building” can I just type in “Jane Foss Russell” and the system will populate the word “Building”?
    No, you must type in the full building name “Jane Foss Russell Building”


  • When will I receive delivery once I place my order?
    Delivery will be approximately 5 working days from approval to print
  • Will you deliver to every person separately?
    No, UPMS will deliver to one point as per your nomination. You will be responsible for distribution to staff who have placed orders with you