UPMS introduces our new eBooks

Be a part of this revolutionary change in digitizing your marketing material, course notes, conference material, faculty publications.
UPMS eBooks takes your static print documents and gives the user the ability to search and flip through the publication in an online environment.
The eBook analytic feature also gives the ability to track your users experience, from web traffic , digital usage and ultimately the success of your campaign.
See the immediate benefits of converting your hard copy publications into eBooks. These include:

  • Increasing you market reach
  • Real time delivery
  • Decrease your mailing cost
  • Decrease the carbon footprint generated from the production of your hard copy material
  • Increase your environmentally sustainable business practices
  • Easy updates to your faculty information
  • Cost effective updates
  • Analytics

Features of the eBook include:

  • iPad and iPhone compatible
  • Automatic hyperlinking
  • Single click zoom
  • Print pages
  • Social networking
  • Email a friend
  • Direct page linking
  • Archiving
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Easy Google analytic coding