Do you have an increasing number of files and decreasing amount of storage space?
Is storage costing you money that could be better spent elsewhere?
Is the condition of your original documents at risk due to frequent handling?
By building a digital library, your department can meet these challenges.

UPMS can scan and store any printed media (for example, all of your department’s records).
We make the data available on either CDs or TRIM, reducing your need for storage space.

The cost varies according to each department's needs and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If required, we will work with Records Management and yourself to ensure correct archiving procedures are being followed.
For more information, contact UPMS costumer service on:
+61 2 9351 2004

The Steps

  1. If you wish to have records scanned, contact UPMS and we will schedule meetings with you to determine your needs and preferences.
  2. UPMS begins your project with an analysis of the material and consultation with your department to determine output specifications, data mapping details and custom fields for the data entry software interface. (In some cases Step 4 is done at this stage)
  3. UPMS will then quote you on your job.
  4. Please note: the main costs of scanning is in the documentation preparation time.
  5. Once the quote is accepted, a test project will be developed and refined until you are satisfied with the process and ready to implement the system.
  6. Once the final system is agreed upon, UPMS will then sort, scan, label and save your files as requested. Throughout each stage of production all work is tracked and accounted for. Jobs are logged with careful notation of detail and then checked against customer specifications to verify that the project is being accurately completed. Our staff checks such variables as field length, data type, mandatory fields, sequential numbering and, where applicable, associated image linking.
  7. When scanning is finished, the files are either returned as requested, or we can shred the original documents. We accommodate special material handling arrangements if required.

What steps can I take to reduce costs?

Preparing paper documents for scanning can be time consuming and may include removing staples, taping, photocopying, and filling out cover sheets for indexing. You may choose whether to do part or all of this work yourself or have UPMS do it. When finished, we can either return or shred the original documents.