Scanning - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started scanning documents?
Select the documents you want to scan and contact us for a pick up:
9351 2004

How is a document image identified?
Scanned documents can be retrieved with a barcode number, a document name and/or date, or a document description.

Where do I get a barcode from?
When you register a document for scanning you will log on with your own username and password. You will be asked to enter a document name and a document description. This information combined with a web issued barcode will be printed from your PC. This page will be used as the cover for the document being scanned. A document can be a single page, or a number of pages.

Do I need a barcode? I want to use my own ID.
The barcode is needed for client identification, as well as document selection for viewing, delivery and CD burn instructions. There is also a provision to allow your own identifier as well.

What happens after I have scanned a document?
That depends on your requirements. For most clients we scan documents and make them available to your staff for password controlled web viewing. The actual documents are being added to your archive storage account. On request they will be re-delivered to you, or burned on CDs.

Can a document be recovered if I forget the barcode or ID?
Our document listing contains an OCR search function based on the numbers, dates, words or phrases you have entered in the document description.

Can I alter a scanned document?
No. Documents are scanned, displayed and burned on CDs in PDF format. PDF is the established web format and ensures that the document images on your data file remain unchanged. PDF is the most legally accepted format worldwide.

Why should I get my document scanned with UPMS?
The real benefit of the UPMS scanning service is having easy access to your documents and ensuring document integrity and security. Pre-determined security levels on a document to document basis ensure that viewers cannot compromise documents, and in addition the original is kept "off site" and in a secure environment. Filing scanned documents in your UPS web register will give your staff password secured worldwide 24/7 access to documents. Alternatively, we can burn document images for your in-house use on CDs and archive the originals. In recognition of the space associated problems experienced by everyone at the University of Sydney, UPS is committed to providing this service to you at extremely competitive pricing. Contact us for a quote.

Who determines security levels and how are they set?
Your department policy will determine the various access levels required. Your administrator will provide usernames and passwords, as well as allocate the viewing security level.

How are document security levels set?
When you register a document you will be asked to set a security level between 1-5 for each document. The default level is 1 and therefore everyone who has access to your documents will be able to view level 1 documents. Whilst a level 3 document can only be read by people with level 3 viewing access or higher. On the other hand a person with level 3 viewing access can also view all level 2 and level 1 documents, however not level 4, or level 5 documents.

How will I know when my document has been scanned?
Our initial quote will give you a scanning timeframe.
In most cases we should have your document scanned within 24 hours of pick up, however in some instances it may take as long as 48 hours. The document ID and the document description in the web scan register will turn from black (when you issue the barcode) to blue, meaning that the document is available for viewing.

If I want you to scan my documents and then return the originals to me, is that possible?
Yes, once the documents are scanned you can choose to have them burnt onto a CD and/or the originals returned to you. All you need to do is to select the documents that you would like to be copied on a CD. When processed, we deliver the CD, including the originals if requested.

Do I need any special software to view my scanned documents?
No. All you need is the basic version of "Adobe Reader". It is free and can be downloaded from