Teaching and Research Staff

Name Contact information Research Interest
Prof Elaine Baker UNEP Shelf Program and University of the Sea
Dr Michelle Blewitt Marine mammal research
Dr Eleanor Bruce Environmental spatial analysis and modelling
Prof Maria Byrne Animal development
Adjunct Prof Douglas Cato Marine acoustics and bioacoustics
Assoc Prof Ross Coleman Intertidal ecology
Assoc Prof Dale Dominey-Howes Marine and coastal geology / coastal processes
Assoc Prof Peter Cowell Geomorphology of coasts and continental shelves
Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz Evolution of hydrothermal ore deposits
Dr Renata Ferrari Legorreta Quantitative Marine Ecology
Dr William Figueira Fish biology and computational modelling
Dr Rachael Gray Health and disease investigations of seals and sea lions, cetacean hearing
Dr Tom Hubble Marine and riverine site investigations
Adjunct Prof Phil Mulhearn Human induced bathymetric changes of Sydney Harbour, SHED modelling
Prof R. Dietmar Müller Marine geophysics and geodynamics, plate tectonics
Dr Richard Murphy Mapping of biological and geological components of intertidal habitats
Dr Maria Seton Marine geophysics and geodynamics
Prof Tim Stephens International Environmental Law and Law of the Sea
Ms Edwina Tanner Oceanography and global warming
Dr Ana Vila-Concejo Processes and morphology of coastal systems
Dr Ashley Ward Behavioural ecology of fish
Dr Jody Webster   Carbonate sedimentology, climate change and tectonics
Dr Jo Whittaker    Plate tectonics and geophysics
Prof Richard Whittington Microbiology, epidemiology and pathobiology of infectious diseases of farmed animals
Dr Stefan Williams Marine Robotics and multiagent systems

Honorary Associates

Associate Professor Gavin Birch
Associate Professor Peter Cowell
Dr Adrienne Grant
Associate Professor Roslind Hinde
Adjunct Professor Ian SF Jones
Associate Professor Jock Keene
Professor Tony Larkum
Dr John Runcie

USIMS Director

USIMS Deputy Director

USIMS Coordinator

Marine Geoscience Undergraduate Advisor

Marine Biology Undergraduate Advisor

Marine Science Postgraduate Advisor

Marine Science Postgraduate Coursework Advisor

Director of One Tree Island Research Station

Deputy Director of One Tree Island Research Station

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