Areas of Research

There are research programs in temperate and tropical marine ecology, with a major emphasis on experimental coastal ecology, interactions between animals and symbiotic algae, influences of changes in the ozone layer and the effects of pollution on coastal or marine environments. There are research programs in the dynamics of beaches and surf zones, the impact of climatic change on coastal environments, the evolution of coastal margins, modern Geographic Information System (GIS) of the coastal environment, continental margins and deep sea basins, marine geophysics, and the processes of marine sediment deposition. There is also research on the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)as platforms for sensing the marine environment, ocean engineering and climate change mitigation.

Broken Bay, NSW, autonomous underwater vehicle, and stingray

USIMS Staff Research and Expertise

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • Coastal and marine law
  • Coastal ecology
  • Coastal geomorphology
  • Evolution of continental margins
  • Evolution of global ocean areas
  • Evolution and developmental marine biology
  • Marine acoustics and bioacoustics
  • Marine data management
  • Marine ecology
  • Marine engineering and mechatronics
  • Marine Geographic Information Science
  • Ocean carbon storage
  • Ocean engineering and technology
  • Oceanography
  • Policy and sustainability
  • Seabed dynamics
  • Simulation and visualization of marine processes

USIMS Research Opportunities

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