Publications for years 2007 - 2008


2007; A morphodynamic model of reef-island development on atolls;
Barry, S, Cowell, P J, Woodroffe, C;
Sedimentary Geology, 197(2007); 46-63

2007; A short geological and environmental history of the Sydney estuary, Australia;
Birch, G F;
Water Wind Art and Debate - How environmental concerns impact on disciplinary research, Sydney University Press, Sydney, 1; 214-242

2007; The chemistry of suspended particulate material in a highly contaminated embayment of Port Jackson (Australia) under quiescent, high-wind and heavy-rainfall conditions;
Birch, G F, O'Hea, L K;
Environmental Geology: International Journal of Geosciences, 53(3); 501-516

2007; Anguilliform fishes and sea kraits: neglected predators in coral-reef ecosystems;
Bonnet, X, Shine, R, Ineich, I, Brischoux, F, Kulbicki, M, Séret, B;
Marine Biology, 151; 793-802

2007; The morphology of barchan-shaped sand banks from western Torres Strait, northern Australia;
Daniell, J, Hughes, M G;
Sedimentary Geology, 202; 638-652

2007; Australian National Surfing Reserves rationale and process for recognising iconic surfing locations;
Farmer, B, Short, A D;
Journal of Coastal Research(SI 50); 99-103

2007; Intermittent backbeach discharge to the surfzone: modes and geomorphologic implications;
Figueiredo, A, Cowell, P J, Short, A D;
Journal of Coastal Research(SI 50); 610-614

2007; Cenozoic tectonic and depth/age evolution of the Indonesian gateway and associated back-arc basins;
Gaina, C, Muller, R D;
Earth-Science Reviews, 83(3-4); 177-203

2007; Breakup and early seafloor spreading between India and Antarctica;
Gaina, C, Muller, R D, Brown, B J, Ishihara, T, Ivanov, S;
Geophysical Journal International, 170(1); 151-169

2007; Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioavailability in estuarine sediments using thin-film extraction;
Golding, C J, Gobas, F, Birch, G F;
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 26(5); 829-836

2007; accuracy assessment of acoustic seabed data for shallow benthic habitat mapping;
Halley, V, Bruce, E;
International Journal of Environmental Studies., 64(1); 93-107

2007; Spatial modelling of coastal saltmarsh Species distribution patterns and elevation dependent tidal inundation within Botany Bay, Australia;
Hickey, D G, Bruce, E;
Coast GIS 2006, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security(ANCORS), Wollongong; 412-423

2007; Hydrokinematic regions within the swash zone;
Hughes, M G, Moseley, A;
Continental Shelf Research, 27(15); 2000-2013

2007; Trigger Values for, and Assessing Hazard Posed by, Volatile Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in a Sydney Estuary;
Hunt, H, Birch, G F, Warne, M;
Australasian Journal of Ecotoxicology, 13; 33-42

2007; Shoreface response to sediment deficit;
Kaminsky, G, Ferland, M, Cowell, P J, Moritz, H, Ruggiero, P;
6th International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Processes, ASCE Publications, Reston, Virginia, 1; 633-646

2007; Photobiology of endolithic microorganisms in living coral skeletons: 1. Pigmentation spectral reflectance and variable chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of endoliths in the massive corals Cyphastrea serailia Porites lutea and Goniastrea australensis;
Larkum, A W, Ralph, P, Kuhl, M;
Marine Biology, 152; 395-404

2007; Fetch-Limited Barrier Islands of Spencer Gulf;
Lewis, D, Cooper, J, Pilkey, O, Short, A D;
Journal of Coastal Research(SI 50); 912-916

2007; Sediment Transport Patterns during Overwash;
Matias, A, Vila Concejo, A, Ferreira, O, Morris, B, Dias, J;
Coastal Sediments'07, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, United States, 3; 2049-2060

2007; Mapping seabed geology by ground-truthed textural image/neural network classification of acoustic backscatter mosaics;
Muller, R D, Eagles, S;
Mathematical Geology, 39(6); 575-592

2007; Larval development of the Ambon damselfish Pomacentrus amboinensis with a summary of pomacentrid development;
Murphy, B, Leis, J, Kavanagh, K;
Journal of Fish Biology, 71; 569-584

2007; Phylogenetic study of Gymnodinium dorsalisulcum comb. nov. from tropical Australian coastal waters (Dinophyceae);
Murray, S A, de Salas, M, Luong-Van, J, Hallegraeff, G;
Phycological Research; 176-184

2007; Present Hydrodynamics of Ancao Inlet, 10 years after its relocation;
Pacheco, A, Vila Concejo, A, Ferreira, O, Dias, A;
Coastal Sediments'07, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, United States, 2; 1557-1570

2007; Sea turtle species vary in their susceptibility to tropical cyclones;
Pike, D A, Stiner, J;
Oecologia, 153; 471-478

2007; Antarctic patterns of shallow subtidal habitat and inhabitants in Wilke's Land;
Pile, A J, Johnston, E, Connell, S, Irving, A, Gillanders, B M;
Polar Biology, 30; 781-788

2007; Beach Rescue Statistics and their Relation to Nearshore Morphology and Hazards: A Case Study for Southwest England;
Scott, T, Russell, P, Masselink, G, Wooler, A, Short, A D;
Journal of Coastal Research(SI 50); 1-6

2007; Antarctic fish can compensate for rising temperatures: thermal acclimation of cardiac performance in Pagothenia borchgrevinki;
Seebacher, F, Franklin, C, Davison, W;
The Journal of Experimental Biology, 210; 3068-3074

2007; Australian Rip Systems -Friend or Foe?;
Short, A D;
Journal of Coastal Research(Special Issue 50); 7-11

2007; Beaches of the New South Wales coast: a guide to their nature, characteristics, surf and safety;
Short, A D;
Sydney University Press, Sydney

2007; Flood-tide delta morphodynamics and management implications, Port Stephens, Australia;
Vila Concejo, A, Short, A D, Hughes, M G, Ranasinghe, R;
Journal of Coastal Research, (SI 50); 705-709

2007; Shoreline Implications of Flood-tide Delta morphodynamics. The case of Port Stephens(SE Australia);
Vila Concejo, A, Short, A D, Hughes, M G, Ranasinghe, R;
Coastal Sediments'07, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, United States, 2; 1417-1430

2007; The impact of varying rainfall conditions on the quality of runoff entering Wamberal Lagoon, New South Wales, Australia;
Waugh, J, Neave, M R, Bruce, E;
Physical Geography, 28(1); 37-49

2007; Predicting climate change impacts on mangrove and saltmarsh distribution: GIS fuzzy set methods;
Zeng, T Q, Cowell, P J, Hickey, D G;
Coast GIS 2006, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security(ANCORS), Wollongong, 1; 249-258


2008; Field observations of nearshore bar formation;
Aagaard, T, Kroon, A, Hughes, M G, Greenwood, B;
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33(7); 1021-1032

2008; New method for presenting nutritionally defined food sources to marine organisms;
Andrews, G O, Simpson, S J, Pile, A J;
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 6; 299-306

2008; Morphodynamic evolution of a coastal lagoon entrance during swash overwash;
Baldock, T, Weir, F M, Hughes, M G;
Geomorphology, 95(3-4); 398-411

2008; Growth-limiting size of atoll-islets: morphodynamics in nature;
Barry, S, Cowell, P J, Woodroffe, C;
Marine Geology, 247(3-4); 159-177

2008; Contaminant chemistry and toxicity of sediments in Sydney Harbour, Australia: spatial extent and chemistry-toxicity relationships;
Birch, G F, McCready, S, Long, E, Taylor, S E, Spyrakis, G;
Marine Ecology - Progress Series, 363; 71-87

2008; Sediment-bound heavy metals as indicators of human influence and biological risk in coastal water bodies;
Birch, G F, Olmos, M A;
I C E S Journal of Marine Science: journal du conseil, 65(8); 1407-1413

2008; Statistical simulation of wave climate and extreme beach erosion;
Callaghan, D, Nielsen, P, Short, A D, Ranasinghe, R;
Coastal Engineering, 55(5); 375-390

2008; Ambient noise and its significance to aquatic life;
Cato, D H;
Bioacoustics-the international journal of animal sound and its recording, 17; 21-23

2008; Sea-level Rise;
Church, J, White, N, Hunter, J, McInnes, K, Cowell, P J, O'Farell, S;
Transitions: Pathways Towards Sustainable Urban Development in Australia, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood Australia, 1; 191-209

2008; Non-song acoustic communication in migrating humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae);
Dunlop, R, Cato, D H, Noad, M;
Marine Mammal Science, 24(3); 613-629

2008; A fugacity approach for assessing the bioaccumulation of hydrophobic organic compounds from estuarine sediment;
Golding, C J, Gobas, F, Birch, G F;
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 27(5); 1047-1054

2008; Microsatellite loci for laticaudine sea kraits;
Lane A M; Oldroyd B P; Shine R;
Molecular Ecology Resources, 8; 1161-1163

2008; Imaging of oxygen dynamics within the endolithic algal community of the massive coral Porites lobata;
Larkum, A W, I M, Kuhl, M, Ralph, P j, Holst, G;
Journal of Phycology: an international journal of algal research, 44; 541-550

2008; Heat budget and thermal microenvironment of shallow-water corals: Do massive corals get warmer than branching corals?;
Larkum, A W, Jimenez, I M, Kuhl, M, Ralph, P;
Limnology and Oceanography, 53; 1548-1561

2008; Seasonal variation in the photo-physiology of homogeneous and heterogeneous Symbiodinium consortia in two scleractinian corals;
Larkum, A W, Ulstrup, K E, Hill, R, van Oppen, M J H, Ralph P;
Marine Ecology - Progress Series, 361; 139-150

2008; Information theory analysis of Australian humpback whale song;
Miksis-Olds, J, Buck, J, Noad, M, Cato, D H, Stokes, D;
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 124(4); 2385-2393

2008; Age, spreading rates, and spreading asymmetry of the world's ocean crust;
Muller, R D, Sdrolias, M, Gaina, C, Roest, W;
G3: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems: an electronic journal of the earth sciences, 9(4)

2008; Long-Term Sea-Level Fluctuations Driven by Ocean Basin Dynamics;
Muller, R D, Sdrolias, M, Gaina, C, Steinberger, B, Heine, C;
Science, 319(5868); 1357-1362

2008; Ocean urea fertilization for carbon credits poses high ecological risks;
Murray, S A, Glibert, P, Azanza, R, Burford, M, Furuya, K, Abal, E, Al-Azri, A, Al-Yamani, F, Andersen, P, Anderson, D M, Beardall, J, Mine, B G, Brand, L, Bronk, D, Brookes, J, Burkholder, J M, Cembella, A, Cochlan, W P, Collier, J L, Collos, Y, Diaz, R, Doblin, M, Drennen, T, Dyhrman, S, Fukuyo, Y, Furnas, M, Galloway, J, Granéli, E, Ha, D V, Hallegraeff, G, Harrison, J, Harrison; P J, Heil, C A, Heimann, K, Howarth, R, Jauzein, C, Kana, A A, Kana, T, Kim, H, Kudela, R, Legrand, C, Mallin, M, Mulholland, M, Pitcher, G, O'Neil, J, Qi, Y, Rabalais, N, Raine, R, Seitzinger, S, Salomon, P S, Solomon, C, Stoecker, D K, Usup, G, Wilson, J, Yin, K, Zhou, M, Zhu M;
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 56; 1049-1056

2008; Application of sediment-bound heavy metals in studies of estuarine health: a case study of Brisbane Water estuary, New South Wales;
Olmos, M A, Birch, G F;
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 55(5); 641-654

2008; Assessment of tidal inlet evolution and stability using sediment budget computations and hydraulic parameter analysis;
Pacheco, A, Vila Concejo, A, Ferreira, O, Dias, J;
Marine Geology, 247(1-2); 104-127

2008; Environmental correlates of nesting in loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta;
Pike, D A;
Animal Behaviour, 76; 603-610

2008; Natural beaches confer fitness benefits to nesting marine turtles;
Pike, D A;
Biology Letters, 4; 704-706

2008; Co-option and dissociation in larval origins and evolution: the sea urchin larval gut;
Raff, R A, Love, A, Lee, A E, Andrews, M;
Evolution & Development, 10; 74-88

2008; In situ photosynthetic rates of tropical marine macroalgae at their lower depth limit;
Runcie, J W, Gurgel, CFD, McDermid, K;
European Journal of Phycology, 43; 377-388

2008; First record of Cirrimaxilla formosa (Muraenidae) from New Caledonia found in sea snake stomach contents;
Shine, R, Séret, B, Brischoux, F, Bonnet, X;
Cybium, 32; 191-192

2008; The case for dynamic subsidence of the U.S. east coast since the Eocene;
Spasojević, S, Liu, L, Gurnis, M, Muller, R D;
Geophysical Research Letters, 35(L08305

2008; Estuarine shoreline processes: a dynamic low energy system;
Vila Concejo, A, Hughes, M G, Short, A D, Ranasinghe, R;
PECS 2008: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, PECS 2008, Liverpool England UK; 389-392

2008; How supercontinents and superoceans affect seafloor roughness;
Whittaker, J M, Muller, R D, Roest, W, Wessel, P, Smith, W;
Nature: international weekly journal of science, 456(7224); 938-941

2008; Stratigraphic architecture and evolution of the continental slope system in offshore Hainan, northern South China Sea;
Xie, X, Muller, R D, Ren, J, Jiang, T, Zhang, C;
Marine Geology, 247; 129-144

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