Student groups and associations

Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA)
Australian Meterological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS)
Australian Coastal Society
University of Sydney Science Society (SciSoc )

Australian Marine Science Association

AMSA is Australia's major professional association for marine scientists from all disciplines. The primary goal of AMSA is to advance marine science and its understanding in Australia. AMSA works to promote liaison and foster cooperation between the diverse organisations/institutions and workers across Australia.

As well as operating nationally, AMSA has active Branches in New South Wales holding regular seminars and student workshops.

Australian Meterological and Oceanographic Society

The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society is an independent Australian society that supports and fosters interest in meteorology, oceanography and other related sciences. This is done by providing a forum for people with a common interest, and by publishing relevant material.

The AMOS Sydney Centre meets regularly for a series of bimonthly seminars by invited speakers and on the alternate months.

Australian Coastal Society

The Australian Coastal Society has been established to promote knowledge and understanding of the environmental, social and economic value of the Australian coast and its protection and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among people involved in the management, planning and development of the Australian coast. For further information, please consult their website.

University of Sydney Science Society

The Faculty of Science Student Association - better known as SciSoc - is one of the most active student societies on campus. Science Faculty students are invited to become members on enrolment and students are welcome to participate in all aspects of the Society. The Science society provides the perfect environment for meeting other science students (there are thousands of them!), socialising and making new friends. Every two weeks SciSoc hosts a lunchtime BBQ on campus. While grabbing a bite to eat get your hands on a copy of Aqua Regia, the fortnightly publication for news on cutting edge science and upcoming socials. Trivia, movie nights, debates and cocktail parties are all on the agenda for the first semester, building up to the flagship event, The Bucky Ball, in August. Be sure to check out their website for advice before attempting those confusing first year assignments!