Undergraduate Study

Students majoring in Marine Science must enrol in 24 credit points of Senior Marine Science, including at least 6 credit points of Senior Biology (from those marked MS) and 6 credit points from GEOS units. If these credit points are taken as part of a Marine Science major they may not be counted towards a Biology major. For further information, please contact the Marine Geoscience Undergraduate Advisor or the Marine Biology Undergraduate Advisor .


An Honours program is available which requires students to undertake a year of study and research and the writing of an honours thesis based on this work. Marine science students are expected to select a topic that is interdisciplinary in its scope, spanning more than one area of marine science. Students are supervised by a member of the University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

Field Work

All courses involve some level of practical field work both in the Sydney region and coastal New South Wales. Honours students may travel further afield to conduct their research including participation in oceanographic expeditions and field trips to One Tree Island Research Station.

Scholarships & Prizes

There are a range of scholarships available for students at the University of Sydney.

Further information on scholarships and application procedures can be found here.

Units of Study

Information on marine science units of study are available here ...

Marine Science