Work Experience at USIMS

Work experience with USIMS

Studying marine science gives you the opportunity to learn about all major sciences i.e. -

  • physics – e.g. the propagation of sound in the ocean, sediment transport, ocean currents
  • chemistry – e.g. ocean acidification, nutrient recycling and the marine carbon cycle
  • biology – e.g. the distribution, anatomy and physiology of marine animals and plants
  • mathematics – e.g. modelling the ocean sea floor and mapping the habitat and distribution of native and invasive species

... to name just a few topics you will encounter during your studies.

Studying marine science is hands-on. In addition to lectures, you will attend lab classes, practical classes, field trips and excursions. University courses provide you with the skill and knowledge to start a career in marine science. However, participation at a work experience program internship, or taking on a volunteer project can give you an insight into the fundamental nature of marine scientists at work.

Studying a rock shelf

If you are at high school and you are considering studying marine science, apply for our annual one-week work experience program. Together with other students you can learn about beach dynamics, the geophysical signature of the Earth’s crust, the ecology of rocky shores and the fascinating world of marine invertebrates. For more information please go to this page.

If you are interested in volunteering with an organisation overseas there is a limited number of marine and environmental science related placements on offer. For more information please go to this page.

We are currently working on an internship program that gives you the opportunity to work alongside marine scientists in government agencies or in the private sector to get experience at a work place.