2013 JD Stewart Address

THE HUNGER GOALS: New Solutions to Feeding the World

The Hunger Goals postcard

The Hunger Goals

The JD Stewart Lecture will be presented this year by Associate Professor Robyn Alders AO and Professor Peter Windsor, Faculty of Veterinary Science, the University of Sydney

How can understanding complex links between human and livestock disease, gender, ecosystem management and agriculture help the world prepare for the challenges of feeding a growing population?

Veterinarians Associate Professor Robyn Alders and Professor Peter Windsor will share their findings, having worked closely with smallholder farmers in developing countries such as Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Whilst focused on livestock management and sustainable farming, their research has evolved to include the many cultural and economic elements of communities and their practices.

Find out how Associate Professor Alders and Professor Windsor’s research areas contribute to food security and improved livelihoods for rural people and their animals, both in Australia and globally.

When: Wednesday 17 July 2013
Time: 5.45 - 6.45 pm
Location: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, The University of Sydney
Cost: Free

Zinnia Sahukar
T +61 2 9114 0827

T +61 2 9114 0827


Professor James Douglas Stewart was the founding father of the Faculty of Veterinary Science. His celebrated working life was committed to advancing Veterinary Science and Veterinary Education at the University of Sydney and in Australia.

J D Stewart is remembered as an inspirational founding member
of Australia’s veterinary profession, and is honoured as the Faculty’s first Dean through the annual JD Stewart Address.