The Ian Beveridge Memorial Lecture

RABIES CONTROL IN INDONESIA – what's the threat to Australia?

Rabies is one of the oldest known animal-borne diseases to menace mankind, already feared in ancient Babylon and Egypt. It has been in Indonesia for over a century, and, despite major efforts, has not been able to be eradicated from any major island which it has entered. On the contrary, rabies is slowly spreading eastwards through the Indonesian archipelago, threatening the islands of Sumba, Timor and New Guinea. How to prepare for and hopefully prevent rabies entering Australia is an important issue and will be the topic of this lecture.

The 2012 Beveridge Lecture will be presented by Dr. Helen Scott-Orr, a former Chief Veterinary Officer of NSW and Executive Director within NSW DPI.

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Friday, 12 October 2012 
Reception drinks and canapes
6:45PM- 8:00PM

Webster Lecture Theatre 
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
University of Sydney, Camperdown


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Dr. Helen Scott-Orr

Dr Helen Scott-Orr

Dr Helen Scott-Orr is a former Chief Veterinary Officer of NSW and Executive Director within NSW DPI, and is currently a Board Member of Animal Health Australia, the Invasive Animal CRC, and the NSW Crawford Fund. She graduated from our faculty BVSc (Hons) in 1971 and worked with us in 1977 as a Research Assistant within the Department of Veterinary Pathology. Dr. Scott-Orr has just re-joined our Faculty (after 35 years!) as Principle Research Associate to work on ACIAR-funded research addressing bovine brucellosis control on the island of Timor.

Dr. Scott-Orr has been involved in the control of rabies in Indonesia for several years, including as a Senior Advocacy Consultant, EcoHealth Approaches to Zoonotic Diseases – Bali Rabies (International Livestock Research Institute) and as Project Leader of the ACIAR activity Improving Veterinary Service Delivery in a Decentralised Indonesia.

The Ian Beveridge Memorial Lecture reflects the Beveridge principle of One Health. Dr. Helen Scott-Orr will highlight this principle in her presentation: Rabies control in Indonesia – what's the threat to Australia?

William Ian Beveridge Memorial Lectures

William Ian Beveridge

William Ian Beveridge

Emeritus Professor William Ian Beveridge was an alumnus of the University of Sydney, graduating in 1931. His celebrated working life was devoted to fighting disease. Whilst he began his career combating diseases in animals at the University of Cambridge, he quickly understood the importance of 'one medicine' and devoted much of his later career with the World Health Organisation understanding diseases that affect both human beings and animals.

In 1972 Prof Beveridge published a book, Frontiers in Comparative Medicine, outlining his views in this area of science.