The Ian Beveridge Memorial Lecture for 2013


One Health is an approach that recognises the links between animal health, human health and environmental health, aiming to improve all health through multidisciplinary collaborations. Veterinarians play an important role in breaking down the barriers between health disciplines and catalysing the multidisciplinary approach needed to address complex One Health issues.

Join Dr Nunn as he illustrates how we can implement more holistic solutions to animal, human and environmental health, sharing examples from both developing and developed countries, particularly in public practice. He will explore how this can be achieved by adopting strategic foresight or futures approaches.

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Friday, 2 August 2013 
Reception drinks and canapes
6:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Webster Lecture Theatre 
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
University of Sydney, Camperdown


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Dr Mike Nunn

Dr Mike Nunn

Dr Mike Nunn is Research Program Manager for Animal Health at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, in Canberra. His group’s research focuses on issues that enable smallholder farmers to refine their livestock management toward production and income-generation, in contrast to ‘keeping’ livestock solely as an asset.

The group concentrates on diseases of regional significance, including transboundary diseases, zoonotic diseases, diseases affecting production and diseases affecting trade and market access.

William Ian Beveridge Memorial Lectures

William Ian Beveridge

William Ian Beveridge

Emeritus Professor William Ian Beveridge was an alumnus of the University of Sydney, graduating in 1931. His celebrated working life was devoted to fighting disease. Whilst he began his career combating diseases in animals at the University of Cambridge, he quickly understood the importance of 'one medicine' and devoted much of his later career with the World Health Organisation understanding diseases that affect both human beings and animals.

In 1972 Prof Beveridge published a book, Frontiers in Comparative Medicine, outlining his views in this area of science.