The Henry and Banjo Garden

The Henry and Banjo Garden is a beautiful sandstone garden created to honour and cherish the memory of our animal friends.

Designed for the Veterinary Science Foundation and the Faculty of Veterinary Science by internationally-renowned landscape architect, Vladimir Sitta, the garden is a unique place where solid cast metal bowls, engraved in memory of much-loved pets, are set on magnificent aged sandstone blocks. The garden is located next to the University Veterinary Centre Sydney, the Faculty's small animal Teaching Hospital.

The garden was commemorated with a special and moving ceremony on Sunday 9 October 2005 as part of the Veterinary Science Foundation and University Veterinary Centre's Open Day. Read the blessing, conducted by celebrant Vaune Morgan.

Who were Henry and Banjo?

Henry and Banjo were two black and white kittens adopted by the staff and students of the University Veterinary Centre at Sydney in 1989. They lived in the Centre's original horse stables, once located where the Valentine Charlton Cat Centre now stands.

The two feline brothers devoted themselves to their human colleagues and are still remembered with much affection.

The Garden's Purpose (How you can remember your pet and help animals too)

Henry and Banjo's garden has two aims. Not only is it a special place for people to honour their pets, the Garden is helping future generations of animals: funds raised from the remembrance bowls are directly supporting the building campaign for the new teaching hospital.

The new building will provide the best possible facilities for the community's animals and for teaching clinical veterinary medicine and surgery to future veterinarians.

The Bowls

The remembrance bowls are 125mm diameter and available in three materials and prices: $2,000 (aluminium), $5,000 (brass) and $10,000 (bronze). Donations of smaller sums may be accommodated in a different way - let us know you are interested.

Gifts to the Veterinary Science Foundation are tax deductible and the donation for a bowl can be pledged over three to five years (with the bowl already in place).

For further information, download the Henry and Banjo flyer (PDF), or please contact the Faculty of Veterinary Science on (02) 9351 5074.