JD Stewart Address


This year the JD Stewart lecture was presented as part of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science's Alumni Awards reception.

The JD Stewart lecturer for 2014 is Professor David Raubenheimer, who holds the Leonard P. Ullman Chair in Nutritional Ecology in the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney School of Veterinary Science and School of Biological Sciences.

Adventures in Nutritional Ecology

Professor David Raubenheimer

Professor David Raubenheimer

Food influences everything we do. Nutrients impact on just about every aspect of an animal's life, from reproduction to growth, resistance to disease, vulnerability to predators and, ultimately, lifespan. Find out from Professor Raubenheimer what nutritional ecologists are discovering as they investigate how nutrients influence the relationships between animals and their environment, from an ecological and evolutionary perspective.

Our relationship with food is complex, involving many nutrients, which interact in diverse ways in their influence on us. Hear about a new approach for disentangling the complex influences of nutrients on animals, as Professor Raubenheimer introduces the concept of nutritional geometry and shows how it applies to his own research and that of collaborators, to solve a range of problems in nutritional ecology.

Starting with examples from lab studies, and then showing how nutritional geometry has helped us to understand the behaviour of animals in the wild, including monkeys, baboons, gorillas and orangutans, Professor Raubenheimer will conclude by comparing the nutritional ecology of humans to these other primates. Discover how this new perspective can help us to understand why in recent years humans have accumulated levels of body fat unprecedented in history.