Horse Rider Safety Research Fund

The Horse Rider Safety Research Fund has been established to dramatically improve horse welfare and rider safety for children and adults around the world who ride horses.

Horses in Australia play a unique role in work, sport and leisure contexts. However, they also kill more Australians annually than any other animal. The same is true in all developed countries.

This paradox reflects the tendency of horses to show ‘flight’ responses. Most casualties and fatalities can be traced back to inappropriate flight responses that could not be stopped. This emphasises the importance of being able to ‘put the brakes’ on any ridden horse reliably, chiefly by putting pressure on the ‘bit’ in the horse’s mouth, via the reins.

Professor Paul McGreevy of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, is a world-renowned expert in Equitation Science. Professor McGreevy and his team will spearhead this ground-breaking research project to identify the distribution and causal factors of a diminished response to bit pressure – the most critical aspect of rider safety.