Sonevilay Nampanya

Sonevilay Nampanya

Sonevilay Nampanya | Postgraduate Student

Room 225 J D Stewart Building
Sydney School of Veterinary Science
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006


BAnVetBioSc (Hons)

Research Interests

- Tropical cattle health and production
- Rural development
- Animal health socioeconomics
- Transboudary disease control

Research Project

Research Title: Progressing smallholder large ruminant productivity and transboundary disease risk management for poverty reduction in Northern Lao PDR

Future food security and poverty reduction remain a complex challenge as a result of rapid urbanisation and increasing demand and trade in livestock products, plus risks from global financial shocks and climate change impacts. Smallholder livestock farmers are important in addressing those challenges. In the northern upland areas of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR or Laos), large ruminant production is one of the most important livelihood activities for smallholders farmers and is increasingly recognised as a national priority, both addressing rural poverty and reducing reliance on shifting cultivation. This economic sector remain under-developed which feed deficiency and disease outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease and Haemorrhagic Septicimia plus limited knowledge of smallholder farmers on large ruminant health and production are the main constraints to large ruminant advancement in Laos. That requires enhanced understanding of how to manage the many health and husbandry constraints that compromise smallholder livestock productivity. The research has been built from a previous Honours research project that conducted a project census survey of farmer knowledge of biosecurity, risk of transmission of transboundary diseases and large ruminant health and production in the 6 villages within an ACIAR research project. This survey enabled the development of a series of biosecurity interventions for testing in the ‘’intervention villages’’. The PhD project aims to examine and document the progress of these interventions through assessment of improvements in farmer awareness of biosecurity and many other aspects of their large ruminant production system plus identify key extension strategies that can address the identified gaps in knowledge of biosecurity and transboundary disease management particularly FMD in Northern Laos

Project Supervisor

Prof. Peter A. Windsor

Associate Supervisors

Dr. Russell Bush