Ing. René Kolbach

Ing. René Kolbach

Ing. René Kolbach | PhD Candidate
MC Franklin Laboratory (CO4)
The University of Sydney
Private Mailbag 4003, Narellan NSW 2567
M: +61 458 056 080 | T: +61 2 4636 6327



Research Interests

Automation of dairy farm systems

Research Project

The study is an investigation into a new prototype of Automatic Milking System (AMS), the Automatic Milking Rotary (AMR, DeLaval Tumba, Sweden), where cows freely move around a farm and present themselves for milking.

Milking is carried out by a robotic milker with only limited human assistance. Whilst AMS is commonplace in many European countries, it is still a relatively new concept for Australian dairy farmers. The capacity of the current AMS technology may limit uptake on Australian pasture-based farms which typically have larger herds than the European countries.

To address this, a new prototype of AMR is being tested at the AMS research farm in Camden (FutureDairy). The AMR is expected to be capable of milking in the order of 800 cows twice per day. The main focus of my studies is to quantifying the potential throughput, performance and limitations of the new prototype of AMR with regard to on-farm application in a typical Australian pasture-based system.

Project Supervisor

Dr Kendra Kerrisk

Associate Supervisors

A/Prof Sergio (Yani) Garcia

Selected Publications

Kolbach, R, Kerrisk, K. L., & Thomson, P.C. (2010), Quantifying the frequency of successful reattachment (after 1 vs. 3 hours) of un-milked quarters with a prototype AMS, Proceedings of the Dairy Research Foundation Symposium, Camden, NSW, vol. 15, pp. 126-130