Alumni Awards

2017 Veterinary Science Alumni Achievement Award nominations are now closed.

Image of the Dean with Alumni Award winners

The University of Sydney’s Veterinary Science Alumni Achievement Awards honour some of Australia’s foremost thinkers and brightest achievers by recognising and celebrating how their exceptional contributions, innovation and generosity of spirit have enriched the lives of others.

Award winners will be announced at the Student and Alumni Awards Reception on the 23rd of May.

Guidance for Alumni Achievement Awards

Please find below some further guidance for the Alumni Achievement Awards to assist you in the nomination process. The below are not exhaustive examples of the types of activities which fall under the categories.

“Cultural Contribution” may include creative arts and literature, elements of design and architecture, cultural education, contribution of, or to, other cultures or the understanding of them.

“Service to Humanity” may include activities such as, volunteering, philanthropy and service to community.

“Innovation and Entrepreneurship” may include sustainability and technology, elements of design and architecture and creative new ideas for industry.

“International Achievement” includes achievements on the world stage. This could be either a one off significant impact or an ongoing contribution. This could include both professional and community achievements.

“Professional Achievement” may include alumni who achieve in industry, professional, and research sectors. This category is very wide in recognising achievements from an individual’s profession.

“Young Alumni” has a broad scope, and recognises what younger alumni have achieved in their shorter career span. Note the age limit has increased from 30 to 35 at close of entries.

If you have any further questions please email.