Alumni Awards 2014

Each year, the Sydney School of Veterinary Science recognises the outstanding achievements made to the community and the veterinary profession in its Alumni Awards night. On 6 June 2014, the awards were presented along with the JD Steward Lecture: Adventures in Nutritional Ecology, presented by Professor David Raugenheimer.

Professor Rosanne Taylor, Dean of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, welcomed the Alumni Award recipients and guests at a reception at the University of Sydney. Dr Bill Proges congratulated the recipients on behalf of the Alumni Council.

  • Dr Janet Ilkiw, who graduated with a BVSc in 1980 was honoured with the Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, in recognition of her contributions to veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia as well as her excellent mentoring record in both clinical and research arenas. Dr Ilkiw’s research in feline anesthesia has changed the way we practice veterinary medicine, specifically in balanced anaesthetic techniques for cats.
  • Professor Robert Jolly, who graduated with a BVSc in 1955, PhD 1964, and DSc 1984 was also honoured with the Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, in recognition of his contributions as a world leader in the field of lysosomal storage diseases. Much to his credit, the Pathobiology Group in IVABS is now regarded as one of the strongest veterinary pathology departments in the world.
  • The Alumni Award for International Achievement went to Dr John Copland, BSc 1963, PhD Vet Science 1968 and DVetSc 2013, in recognition of his distinguished contributions to Animal Health internationally.
  • The Alumni Award for Community Achievement went to David Fraser, BVSc 1963, PhD, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the education of students of animal and veterinary sciences, to animal and human health through his research, and to the health and wellbeing of humans and animals through his international involvements.
  • The Alumni Award for Young Alumni went to Dr Jessica King, BAVBSc 2005, PhD 2010. During her studies Jessica was regarded as a solid thinker, caring for animal welfare with a keen interest for inquiry through bioscience. In 2005, she was awarded a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience with first class honours and was the recipient of the Invasive Animal CPC PhD scholarship.