Clinical Skills Centre Showcase

Clinical Skills Centre Showcase

Date: Wednesday 20 September 2017, 6:30pm-8:30/9pm

Venue: Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Seminar room 115

Details: The Clinical Skills Centre (CSC) at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science (SSVS) is an integral resource and environment that enables students learning, practice and demonstration of clinical skills required for all veterinary graduates. The top priority of the CSC is to develop and train students to be the best veterinarians possible. The Centre enables this learning to take place through clinical skills training using state-of-the-art models (as shown above), simulations and case materials. Join us for a special evening at the Clinical Skills Centre Showcase which will provide guests with a unique opportunity to participate in a tour of the CSC, the Veterinary Hospital and the anatomy lab. Current students and teaching staff will be available to share their stories of how the CSC has enhanced student learning and to answer guests' questions.

Cost: FREE Registration: To register for this event and/or sign up for a tour please complete our online survey.

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