Goals of the degree

The rapid growth of technological and scientific innovation in genetics, biotechnology, conservation biology, reproduction and nutrition has resulted in a need for further training for scientists across animal industries in all areas.

The increasing globalisation of agriculture and growing emphasis on wildlife and animal health & conservation means that the demands on professionals in animal industries and organisations have changed.

Applied and advanced training is necessary for industries and organisations to remain relevant and competitive.

This degree course will:
  • Provide advanced technical training in a focused area of animal science – genetics, nutrition or reproduction, biotechnology and animal production
  • Equip animal scientists with advanced skills applied in a variety of contexts – including poultry, wildlife, pig, aquaculture, dairy, companion and pedigree animals, sheep and beef
  • Prepare students for advanced research training, including the skills to manage the planning and implementation of a successful research project and to design, conduct and write-up a research project
Students in the postgraduate course in Animal Science will learn to:
  • Identify, define and analyse existing and emerging issues in animal science by applying an understanding of specific animal production systems and industries.
  • Search, identify, evaluate, collate and present scientific knowledge.
  • Analyse and integrate information to achieve better understanding of complex issues involving animal industries.
  • Identify, define and analyse problems affecting animal health and production.
  • Use detailed knowledge and understanding of animal science topics to solve problems on current issues in the relevant field.
  • Use appropriate decision making processes to create solutions in a professional context.
  • Communicate effectively information on issues within animal industries to a variety of stakeholders.