Enrolment Information

Enrolment & Re-enrolment

The first thing to do if you have received an offer by email to study with us is to accept it, as outlined in your letter of offer.

If you have done this already, go to our Enrolments site, which will take you though the enrolment process step by step.

Faculty Information you may require for Enrolment

Census Dates

The census date in each semester is the date by which any administrative matters must be finalised. The census dates are 31 March for the February semester and 31 August for the July semester.

Transfer of Candidature

If you are enrolled in a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma and wish to transfer your candidature, you can do so by completing a Course Transfer request through MyUni. This request will be processed by administrative staff and receive academic approval before being confirmed by email.

Credit for Previous Study

A candidate who, before admission to candidature, has spent time in graduate study and, within the previous three years, has completed coursework considered by the dean to be equivalent to units of study prescribed for the course, may receive credit of up to:

  • 6 credit points of the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Animal Science;
  • 9 credit points of the requirements of the Graduate Diploma in Animal Science; or
  • 12 credit points of the requirements of the Masters in Animal Science from within the articulated Animal Science program.
How to Apply for Credit for Previous Study
  1. You will need to submit your application for credit through MyUni. This can be done before or after enrolment.
  2. You will be asked to upload copies of your academic transcripts during this process. You will also be required to include the following information about the courses you have studied:
  • Detailed course outlines including subject descriptions, methods of teaching and assessment, reading lists, number of hours of teaching, etc.
  • The academic level of the units studied (e.g. First Year, Second Year).
  • An explanation of the grading system used at your institution.
  • Information on the total units of study requirement (i.e. how many credit points are required) for the completion of the degree you were taking at the other university.

Assistance completing your online Enrolment

If you need help to complete the 3-step online enrolment process please contact the enrolment team.


  • In Australia: 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
  • Outside Australia: +61 2 8627 1444

We're available between 9am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

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